The world of kashrus in Eretz Yisroel is complex. As a service to the community, Mosdos Ahavas Yehonoson certifies several local caterers, bakers, and food service providers, encouraging the support of local small businesses, providing  consumers with quality products, while maintaining high standards of kashrus.​​​​​​​


The following businesses are currently under our hashgacha.
Please support our kashrus efforts by patronizing them.
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 (updated November 2023)
  • AVISHAI & SHIRA HILL  - Catering (meat & dairy)   02-999-3912
  • ALMOND CATERING  (Zevi Weissmandl) - Catering & Shabbos orders (meat)  054-301-8980
  • BAKED BITES (Leely Ehrenpreis) - Pareve baked goods  054-265-6653
  • CHEF ARIEL (Ariel Fish) - Catering & Shabbos orders (meat)  050-875-8425
  • ALIZA GRUBIN, YOUR PERSONAL CHEF - Catering & Shabbos orders (meat)  058-746-6242
  • FLAVOURS (Ruti Soffer) - Catering & Shabbos orders (meat)   052-352-4115
  • SPICED (Rochel Tobias) - Catering (meat)   058-322-9882
  • ORDER BY PESACH KATZ - Catering (meat)
  • PALATE - Catering (dairy)
  • FAVORITES UNLIMITED  - Frozen nutritious meals (meat & pareve)
  • COOKIES &  CREAM  (Amy Homnick) - Decorative cakes & cookies (pareve)
  • HEALTHIER & DELICIOUS (Rochi Glass) - Baked goods (pareve)
  • K-CAKES - Gluten-free baked products (pareve)
  • THE BILTONG BOX - Biltong (meat)
  • BE SIMCHA (Leeba Rosenthal) - Party planning
  • SMORGASBOARD (Etan Ogorek) - Meat boards & beef jerkey
  • HACHACUTERIE (Yishai Steinmetz) - Meat boards & beef jerkey
  • PIZZAZ (Levy Kelati) - Pizza made at your event
  • OLIVES AND HONEY (Gabrielle Menachem) - Baked goods and catering (dairy)
  • CRYSTAL - Dish rental (meat)

There are two components to every hashgacha. One is standards, meaning which chumros the certifying agency chooses to adhere to and which leniencies it chooses to accept.  The other component (which we believe to even more crucial) is that of supervision and control.  We aim to maintain a high standard on both counts and our policy is to accept ingredients with the following hashgachos without further scrutiny:  Badatz Eidah Chareidis, Badatz Mehadrin (Rubin), Sheiris Yisroel, Kehillos, Landau, and meats from Beefland with the hechsher of Rav Shmuel Aryeh Levine shlit"a.  All other ingredients must be approved on a per item basis after it has met the scrutiny of our Rabbinic advisors.


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