Meet the kollel...​​​​​​​​​​​​

Rabbi Dovid Lewin

Rosh Kollel


Rabbi Aharon Wittow

Denver, Colarado


Rabbi Michoel Bodner

Rechovot, Eretz Yisroel


Rabbi Aharon Book

Yerushalayim, EY

Rabbi Gad S Vinograd

2nd seder Rosh Chabura


Rabbi Dovid Campbell

Phoenix, Arizona


Rabbi Yair Fischman

Brooklyn, NY


R' Shlomo Zalman Brim

​​​​​​​Beit Shemesh, EY

Rabbi Dovid Gilman

L.A.     (Dayan)


Rabbi Yehudah Wilner

London, UK


Rabbi Daniel Yativ

Raanana - Montreal


Rabbi Yonasan Libman

Manchester, UK


Rabbi Shmelka Lubinsky

Antwerp, Belgium

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Ahavas Yehonoson - Beis Medrash Az Yashir is proud to host the Erev Shabbos Kollel.  Led by R' Aharon Wittow, who learns full time in the follel, this chabura prepares for Shabbos by learning hilchos Shabbos, finishing the morning with an in-depth look at the parsha.


6:30 am - 7:00 am          KOLLEL BOKER

9:30 am - 1:00 pm         MORNING SEDER

3:30 pm - 7:00 pm         AFTERNOON SEDER

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm       NIGHT SEDER

9:00 am - 11:00 am       (Fridays) Erev Shabbos Kollel

About the kollel's programs....

​​​​​​​Our pre-shacharis seder consists of both avreichim who take advantage of the early quiet hours of the day to further their studies, and baalei batim who dedicate themselves to Torah study begore beginning their busy daily schedule

Our first seder program is designed to allow avreichim to focus on and perfect the areas of Torah that they enjoy most. Whether it is an in-depth Talmud study, or a well-invested daf yomi, the kollel's avreichim maximize their morning to develp their expertise in the sea of Talmud. The morning program is open to baalei batim who join in and study under the leadership of our sompetent avreichim.

Our second seder program is geared to developing thorough undertanding and practical application of pertinent halachic topics. Delving into the early sources, the avreichim emerge with a deeper understanding of the contemporary authorities. Frequest testing keeps the avreichim focused and helps them review the material in preparing for larger cumulative exams.


Join the avreichim and baalei batim in the evenings. Whether studying with a chavrusa or on their own, the Rosh Kollel is available to help direct and guide them through the sea of Talmud and poskim. Our beis medrash never closes, and often many people from the neighborhood stay to make use of our vast library (about 2,500 volumes) and comfortable beis medrash after night seder has officially ended.​​​​​​​